Michael Vaserman Creative Videographer

Michael Vaserman is the creative videographer for Yellow Colibri Media. As a professional videographer with years of experience, Michael crafts stunning videos for all occasions. Whether you are a business owner looking for new promotional videos for a product rollout or a bride-to-be looking for a creative videographer for your wedding, Michael can get the job done.

About Michael

Michael is a filmmaker with vision. He aspires to create stunning videos that go beyond simply putting shots together—he tells a story that will captivate audiences. Michael has been the videographer for videos of all kinds, from TV shows and documentaries to promotional videos and vlogs. As a corporate videographer, Michael has been with Yellow Colibri from the start. His vision and creativity are a driving force that has resulted in stunning videos for hundreds of satisfied clients.

Corporate Videographer

In the digital age, having a video presence is imperative. From explainer videos to help connect your audience to your product or service to agency videos that reach out to your customers, video has never been more important. As a corporate filmmaker, Michael helps brands take their products and services to customers through custom, professional videos. Whether you need a short clip to post to your social media accounts or a full-length promotional video for your landing page, Yellow Colibri is an affordable solution.

Vision and Creativity

Not all videos are equal. To truly create a modern, professional video you need someone with the experience, knowledge, talent, and creativity to not only envision how a shot should be made, but how it all fits together in the end. When you search for a corporate video near me, you aren’t looking for someone that can simply hold a camera; you need someone who brings your vision to life. That’s what Michael takes care of as your videographer.

Quality Results

From utilizing the latest programming technology to working with professional-grade equipment, Michael works as a 4k videographer to produce stunning results. Videos can be shot and delivered in high resolutions suitable for TV or the internet—without worrying about your video looking outdated as time goes on.

Get Started Today

If you are looking for an affordable videographer that delivers professional, custom videos for your business or event, the search is over. Michael and the team at Yellow Colibri have been the corporate filmmaker team for hundreds of businesses, and have the skills and talent to take care of all of your video needs.