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Our services have never failed to help businesses that had difficulty in sending their message across to their loyal clients and prospects, as they found out that their customer’s engagement with their written content was low, and most times did not  bring in the much needed results.

As a renowned video production agency with highly skilled employees, we provide the opportunity for companies or individuals that are seeking to make a corporate video production for their formal business sessions to have what they seek.It is widely known that people love stories. We have always loved reading, watching, and listening to them.

Promotional video production

Promotion videos are a great way to share your story and the story of your business with the target audience. Thus, as a business owner, you should look beyond article content, and be more creative in your quest to satisfy your customers, and as mentioned before, clients easily get bored, thus the importance of engaging the service of  the best corporate video makers to create you a well refined creative content that would not just boost your company’s website, but also make your sales go green.

Navigating through our website, you’d see a company in the business video production services that does not hold back its best services in the film sector. We have our ways of creating promo videos, which makes our services stand out in the videography business; where our videographers provide outstanding video content that gives your client an escape route from the boredom that comes with reading long written articles.

As a company based in Toronto, we can also help your company stand out on social media platforms, especially when your potential clients live in big, high paced metropolitan cities and they don’t have time for games, and so avoid reading long, and boring articles.

In order to achieve the best result of having your prospects engage most of your content, you’d need to contact us; let us handle your projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who produces your video content?

We’re Toronto based company that offers a “one stop shop” video productions for all your video production service needs. Our approach to video production has always been end-to-end, which has enabled domestic and international collaborations of the highest quality.

What types of business videos do you make?

The most popular videos we make are;

  • Promotional videos
  • Corporate videos
  • Testimonials
  • Video explainers and
  • Marketing videos.

These have the power to allow both existing customers and potential clients to go through your company’s keyhole.

What kind of videos do you produce?

Here’s a snapshot of some of the video production services we offer:

  • Brand videos
  • Product videos
  • Testimonials
  • Case study videos
  • Training videos
  • Explainer videos
  • Social ads and crowdfunding videos.

We’ve standards on ensuring that our approach to video production is seamless across all categories.

How much does a video cost?

This is a challenging question to answer with a generalized statement because each video we produce is unique. You’ll likely get the same response if you ask someone else in the industry. However, it’s a lot more affordable than you think. Price is based on a multitude of factors we ask our potential clients. Such as:

  • More details and distinctive qualities about your business
  • Your target audience
  • Purpose of the video
  • What you like. Etc.

After these interactions, we try to determine the right kind of video that client needs and propose a script. Next is a quote for implementation once the client approves it.

What is the difference between a Promotional video and corporate video?

Both videos have something in common because the end product is to promote your business by passing out vital information to attract your target audience.

Corporate videos are intended to describe a company (history), future aspirations without describing a particular product. They also describe the mission statement of a company to their community. Corporate video production often comes to play when the company is looking to expand to new markets or try to sell its corporate culture to prospective customers.


Promotional videos, on the other hand, are used to sell a product or service. These videos are also used for marketing an event or an attraction. A smart promo video can create a buzz about your product by highlighting the reasons why a product is useful, why a consumer needs it, and why it might be so important.

How fast will the video be produced?

It strictly depends on the production needs, complexity, and some additional factors like the client’s availability for the shoot and how fast the script will be approved. We always strive to deliver the final product as soon as possible to make our customers happy.