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When it comes to our potential clients in Toronto, promotional video production process is not a regular part of their regular routine. Therefore, before we kick start any video production project, our activities are drawn out based on these three vital phases; pre-production, production and post-production.

Pre-production video

This is the planning phase. A perfect plan not only prevents excess spending, it will make sure that the production outcome meets the objectives of our clients. We start by consulting with our potential clients to understand the goals of the company, campaign and the video itself. Pre-production usually starts by coming up with a comprehensive plan that serves as a guide to other stages of the project promo. The outline also determines the target group so we know what language to use in the film.

During this phase, one of the first responsibility is to create a concept based on the project’s requirements. We usually develop a content that explains the creative concept so the video stands out among competitors. In addition, we add a manuscript that comprises; visuals, cast participants, outfits, and special effects, to function as the project’s master plan. Once the manuscript is signed by our client, the production crew starts the talent auditions including the location scouting.

Video productions

As we finalize the pre-production phase, next is the production phase. The required crews are gathered and the video is shot as outlined in the schedule. If additional talents are needed, we coordinate auditions, book a date, make a shoot plan, and organize props if needed.

Post-Production video

This is the last phase. Here we try to tell a story and create intrigue, so people will be attracted and we do the final work by bringing new customers to the business described in a video. The editor gathers the video footage by means of motion graphics, 3D animation, to emphasize the important moments and create suitable dynamic activities that will deliver the accurate information and has a responsive impression on the target audience. Also, sound mixing is added for audio tracks and color grading might also be required for color variation. We value our client’s investment, so we ensure the production is revised just to get the ideal outcome.

So, there you have it. This efficiently outlines the video production services. In all our commercial video production, we ensure a standard procedure is applied to meet our client’s expectations.

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