Katerina Simonova Producer

Creating a stunning video is more than simply having a camera—a lot goes on behind the scenes. From taking care of logistics, finding talent, and dealing with everything that comes up behind the scene, a corporate video producer is responsible for keeping things running smoothly. As a video producer Toronto resident Katerina Simonova keeps your corporate video on time and in budget.

About Katerina

Katerina has years of experience as a video producer. She takes the lead every step of the way through video production and is the go-to person to keep everything running smoothly. As a corporate video producer, Katerina makes sure everything is in place before shooting begins, keeps everything running smoothly during the filming process, and makes sure projects get completed the way they should be.
Coordination And Management
When custom videos are made, the video producer is responsible for making sure everything is in place when it needs to be. This means making sure props are acquired, talent is hired, crews are in place, locations are scouted, and schedules are kept. Katerina brings years of management and coordination experience so you don’t have to worry about any step of the production process.

From Pre to Post

Getting things set up is only part of what Katerina takes care of. As a post production producer, she is always directly involved in the finalization process for any video we produce. With a dedication to creating modern, custom videos for agency events, weddings, and corporate promotional videos, Katerina makes sure that the delivered product tells the story you want it to.

Corporate Video Producer

You have a business to run. That means you probably don’t have the time to be involved with every minor detail for your corporate videos. That’s where Katerina comes in. As the producer on your video, she makes sure everything runs smoothly. This allows you to focus on the things your business needs while having peace of mind knowing that your video will be delivered on time, within your budget, and up to the standards your business deserves.

Work With Us

If you are looking for one of the best video producers Toronto has to offer, Katerina is the professional you need. By utilizing the latest technologies, Katerina takes care of all of your corporate production needs. If you need a video made but don’t want to worry about all the steps involved—from logistics to postproduction—you are in good hands at Yellow Colibri.