“Toronto School of Management” Opening

Video type: Event video, Corporate video

Director: Lev Tsivian

Videographer: Lev Tsivian

Location: Toronto, On

Production Company: Yellow Colibri

Video production services: Concept development, Production, post production


About Corporate Video:

The official opening of the business is always a moment worth capturing. Especially when you are part of a large worldwide chain of universities and colleges, and VIP guests from all over the world are attending this event.

In this Official Opening Ceremony video we had no room for error, since we had to capture every VIP guests and feature them in the video.
Beforehand we’ve asked the school administration to send us a picture of these people so we can learn a bit more about them. This extra step really made our life easier, helping us not miss a person!
The general idea of the video was to capture the memorable event on one hand, and turning the footage into a motivating corporate video for employees of the Toronto branch on the other hand.
We included the most important parts of the speeches and announcements in the video, made by top managers of the company.
We also captured people having fun, getting to know each other, listening to music and enjoying their meals and beverages.