Simcoe Family Dentistry Video

Video type: Promotional video

Director: Lev Tsivian

Videography: Lev Tsivian

Motion Graphics: Max Bulavskyi

Location: Bolton, Ontario

Production Company: Yellow Colibri

Video production services: Concept development, Production, Post production


About Promo Video:

Small businesses, especially the ones that specialize in medical services are all based on trust.
From your first steps in the clinic, you need to be assured that you are safe there and that the medical practitioners will make sure you are in your comfort zone and comfortable with them and what they do.

In this promotional video for a dental clinic we have decided to accentuate not the machines and equipment, but the great personalities of the staff members.
During the shoot it was important for us to find the brightest spot in the office with the best lighting for the interviews which will symbolize positivity, since darkness is usually associated with fear and negativity, which many people feel while visiting their dentist.