Epoxy Tables Promotional Video

Video type: Promotional video

Director: Lev Tsivian

Videography: Lev Tsivian

Producer: Katerina Simonova

Location: Toronto, On

Production Company: Yellow Colibri

Video production services: Concept development, Production, Post production


About Promo Video:

This video shows how time-consuming it is to produce one single table, which explains the high price. So the idea was to show the potential customers why the price is actually on the high side. Also, we wanted to show that all the tables are handmade, which demands lots of artistic knowledge and effort for their creation. Since the product is very visual and artistic, we ensured that the promo video is artistic as well, in order to convey the overall sense of the creation process, which in turn demonstrates the result in an appropriate form.

The majority of the video was shot with a camera using a gimbal stabilizer. This ensured that all the hand motions from each direction were appropriately captured. Furthermore, no animated titles were used along the video production in other not to distract the viewer from understanding the magic behind the epoxy table creation.

Although the final video is less than 3 minutes, the video shoot lasted for two business days. On the first day, we concentrated on the epoxy and legs welding part, and on the second day, we filmed the finishing, polishing, leg attachment, and the outcome.