Bubble Show Promotional Video

Video type: Promotional video

Director: Lev Tsivian

Videography: Lev Tsivian

Producer: Katerina Simonova

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Production Company: Yellow Colibri

Video production services: Concept development, Production, Post production

About Promo Video:

Since a bubble show is all about motion and visuals, our client realized that it’s going to be hard to promote her services without a professional video.

That was our client’s second large investment for growing her business right after the professional equipment purchase.
Initially, she wanted us to just capture her making bubbles in front of the camera, but we convinced her to do it the alternative way so that parents, who are her target audience, will see how much fun and happiness it can bring to their kids.

That’s why we’ve decided to invite several girls in to enjoy the show and participate in it.
We divided the video into 2 parts; we filmed the first part during the show demonstration, and the second part we filmed in a studio, making bubbles in front of the camera.
We decided to turn the video into a story, because we wanted to create a storyline of how the whole show will go on and to capture the audience’s attention till the end.
So, we began the video with a question; how do you throw the best kids party? As the viewers were watching, they explored more about the show and slowly gained answers to this question.
The excitement and amazement of the kids further proved that a bubble show is indeed the best way to throw a kids party.