“Brain Battle” Game (rus)

Video type: Promotional videoEvent video

Director: Lev Tsivian

Videographer: Lev Tsivian

Location: Toronto, On

Production Company: Yellow Colibri

Video production services: Concept development, Production, post production


About Event Promo Video:

This pab quiz was brought to Toronto from Russia as a worldwide franchise.
Back in 2017,  Toronto became the 100th city in the world having this entertainment event.

Russian speakers in Toronto never had the chance to play these types of trivia games before, that’s why the owners of the franchise have decided to promote this game to a mass public by making a promo video.

She decided to hire us as for this task because we are very well known agency in the Russian community of Toronto for our professionalism and ability to create an appealing video.

Our main goal was capturing how modern this game is and how much sincere joy and happiness it can bring to the people who participate in order to escape from their busy life routine in a big city like Toronto. We also decided to add testimonials to the video, by taking interviews with some players, describing their positive feelings towards this event.