Astra SPA (Botox event)

Video type: Promotional video, Testimonial video

Director: Lev Tsivian

Videography: Lev Tsivian

Producer: Katerina Simonova

Location: Brampton, On (GTA)

Production Company: Yellow Colibri

Video production services: Concept development, Talent Sourcing, Production, Post production


About Promo Video:

This video was meant to promote the Botox fillers services this Beauty Salon has to offer.
We have decided to make a mixed video of: nice b-roll shots showing the clinic itself and how clean, beautiful and welcoming it is, and a testimonial video of one of the customers, who just went through the treatment.
We chose Customer Testimonial as a part of the video since the viewers tend to trust a sincere opinion of a customer, who has no interest in promoting the company, but only sharing their real experience and either recommending or not recommending the service they have received to future customers of this clinic.