Event videography

Whether it’s a corporate or private event such as; a wedding, bat mitzvah, bar mitzvah or a festival, there is no second chance of re-filming it and capturing all the special moments that happened at the time.

That’s why event videographers need to be smart, experienced, fast, and have a keen understanding of which moments are the most valuable and important. Catching the overall mood of the event is very important as well. During the post production we will need to bring this mood into the final video, as your video needs to reflect the event itself to make it feel as if you are present at the gathering.

Being sensitive to the environment and people while filming is key to a successful “moment-capturing” video. This could be achieved by being as invisible to the guests as possible, and thinking ahead about who, what, where and when to capture these moments.

And of course, during the video post-production we wouldn’t have just put everything together, but created a piece of art that touches hearts and becomes a memory for many years to come.


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