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When you need to showcase a product that doesn’t exist yet or a service that is too abstract and hard to show, animation can come in handy.  You have approximately seven seconds to grab a viewer’s attention, making animations the perfect way to convey even mundane subject matters in a fun visual way. They convert way more than any text can do, although animation is not the cheapest. When considering how you will show multiple locations, scenes, hire many actors, and so much more, but you don’t have the budget to cover all these expenses – an animated video production can be an excellent solution.

Animation is an excellent medium to use when you need to explain to your customer how your product or service works. People connect well with characters and help sell your message.  They can be simple 2D characters or fully 3D animated characters as mascots. By making an animated explainer video production, you will save time instead of explaining the same thing to every customer repeatedly.

Explainer video production with motion graphics

The combination of motion graphics and live-action videos is an excellent way to have a successful video promoter because it gets across important messages as ‘easy to digest’ content. For instance, by highlighting the most critical moments like stats, infographics, quotes, and short cutouts from special effects and adding that into an animated video, it works as a real-life “example” that gives the viewers a new in-depth look as to how the concept you are advertising works. This medium works particularly well online to help engage audiences in saturated markets.

Finally, you might find it difficult to determine whether you should choose animation production or a live-action video for business, that’s where our creative team steps in. Our in-house production team in Toronto will be at your service to assist you choose a suitable promo format that will be the most efficient and beneficial for your website needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is animated explainer video?

Explainer videos are short animated or live-action videos that pass a message in a clear, concise, and unforgettable way. In other words, they’re short marketing videos that successfully tell your potential customers, in about 2 minutes, about your service or product. Most of them are animated and can deliver a business idea in an attractive way to any target audience.

Who needs explainer video?

Explainer videos are the most popular form of explainer videos, which means they’re very engaging, and your potential customers will sit through the entire video, assimilating all the information. This eases and allows them to understand what your product or service does.

Are Explainer Videos effective?

Yes is the simple answer. Explainer videos are super effective because videos are dominating these days with the combination of audio and visual stimulus. This helps customers’ better recollect the information being shared with them, and it’s one of the principal ways that businesses engage with new and returning customers. Your consumers are more likely to purchase after watching a video online. In fact 64% more likely.

Why explainer video is important?

90% of all our mental stimulus comes from visual and audio ads. This explains the reason why explainer videos are so significant. They use both video and audio stimuli. This helps customers better remember the information being shared with them, which shows that people want to see information conveyed in the video.

How much does an explainer video cost?

The price of a high-quality explainer video is between $20–$50 per second. The amount charged depends on a vast number of production factors, such as the studio and the animation style (2D, 3D, whiteboard animation, etc.)

Animations VS White Board Videos?

Animation and whiteboard videos currently dominate the market and have turned into heavyweights for promoting services, products, and brands.

Animated videos are cartoon videos created in style, portraying a script that is written based on your product and services you intend to advertise. It also involves some amount of entertaining factor to attract the audience to watch it. On the other hand, whiteboard videos are ideal to describe complex concepts and are always educational to watch because it contains a lot of information about your services.

Both videos are very engaging and catchy, but to determine the one to use depends on the format of the video that you’re targeting to release including your marketing objectives. For instance, whiteboard animation videos are not complex and easy to understand. It serves best when you’re looking forward to creating informative videos. Also, it gives viewers the actual feeling of learning things in a class and not watching a video.

Animated videos, on the other hand, consists of mostly cartoons, images, different colors and textures that are included to make a video look appealing. This also contains less information, so it is ideal if you want your audience to pay attention to details and express emotions. Furthermore, animated explainer videos are often recommended for the business that requires direct connections with the potential and present customers.

In summary, if you’re someone who prefers fun element to your videos, then you must choose animated videos to promote your brand. On the flip side, if you intend to deliver a message to your customers that includes your company’s details, then whiteboard animated videos are your best bet.

How long does production take?

Each video is different. The duration depends on your needs and internal timelines, such as availability of all the required materials and briefs, who will write the script (you or us), and the approval speed for each stage. But overall, it can take 2-3 weeks for a 1-minute video. We’ll always work within your deadlines to ensure that you’ve a top-notch product.

What are the production stages?

1. Scripting
2. Storyboarding
3. Animation Style selection
4. Creating static illustrations
5. Getting them approved
6. Recording voice over based on the script
7. Animating static illustrations by aligning them with a voice over
8. Adding background music and contact information
9. Getting video approved
10. Making changes if needed
11. Transferring the final version to the client

Are changes free of charge?

Based on our company policy, we allow two (2) revisions, and it’s strictly free of charge. Any further changes after these come with our regular animation prices. Come to think of it, these two rounds of revisions are more than enough.

Are you producing animation in-house?

Yes, we’ve a complete team of reliable and creative copy-writers, animators, illustrators, and voice over actors. And also project managers, who will manage your project all the way through.